We Are All Creators - Part 3

This is one of my first drawings at Art Group. We had to draw a small children's toy that our tutor had brought along. It's (obviously) far from perfect, but I had great fun doing it and was really proud of my efforts at the end. And my daughter loves him! :-)

Hi Folks!

How did we get to halfway through May already?? This week is the final week of my "We Are All Creator's" series. It's entitled "Good Vs. Perfect."

I can not tell you how many people that I've talked to that say "I can't do it - I'm not good enough" when it comes to doing something new. I have especially experienced this in the area of creativity - but it's certainly not limited to that! In Part 1 we discussed Black and White thinking: If I can't be great at it - I might as well not do it at all." Today I'd like to discuss the trap of Perfectionism.

The dictionary defines perfect as: "Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement." Or: "Entirely without flaws, defects or shortcomings."

It sounds nice to think that I could be perfect at something - or to create something perfect, but then again........

I’m learning that what I create is good (regardless of its technical brilliance – or lack thereof). And that good is very different to perfect. Way better I reckon! Perfect means its finished, static, not moving any more. Good means it’s still able to change, get better, grow, journey. I think I like that a lot more. I like that what I create today might be ok already, but I know that I still have the potential to grow it into something different. Even if it’s not that great just yet – I have the ability to change and learn – and especially to invite other people into my learning.

Kinda like life too eh? We hold ourselves to these standards of perfection (which we can never possibly meet). But if we actually could get there – or reach the “ideal” – it’s never that great anyway because then it means it’s finished. Over. Not able to change and be new anymore. Not able to invite others into the journey of growing and changing together. Added to this, I believe it's the imperfections in life (the mistakes, the drama's, the challenging situations) that can actually result in the most growth, change, strength and beauty. We might not choose these challenges at the time - but we can choose to let them shape us into a person of greater depth, maturity and peace.

This is last week's effort. It's a sea-urchin shell - or Kina. I was so happy with how this one turned out - it's not Van-Gogh, but I'm proud of it! :-)

So whatever we do in a day, we can learn to acknowledge and champion our creativity. We can learn to recognise and love that uniqueness that we each bring to life - the things that make me different to you. We can do our best at something and then learn to appreciate and enjoy the 'goodness' of whatever we did - regardless of how technically brilliant it is. We can learn to enjoy and celebrate whatever others create, rather than comparing their work to our own; or falling back into the trap of self-condemnation.

And we can be comfortable about not being perfect at all this – because that would make us alien – not human.

Part of the beauty of this process for me is about acknowledging my weaknesses and allowing myself to be strengthened by others. This is relationship.

Would you like to join me in it?