Pre-Order or Donate & Book Update!

Hi Friends!

Sadly the Crowd Funding Campaign didn't go as well as planned. Even though we didn't reach our target, the whole process has certainly taught me a lot! There have been some awesome opportunities come up; and some brilliant contacts made. Thanks so much for all your efforts sharing the project with your friends and colleagues!

As you may know, because the crowd funding campaign didn't reach it's target, no money was taken out of the accounts of the pledgers. If you did pledge money, or you were planning to; please visit the "Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope" tab on this website and you can now pre-order the book or make a donation using Pay Pal.

Book Update:

Cycle of Abuse Background.

Currently the book is in with the Designer. Henoch of Creed Design is doing an incredible job of putting together all the artwork - and basically making it all look stunning! He's working on the "Pain" spreads at the moment. Here are some of the prototype backgrounds for the "Voices of Pain."

Anxiety and Depression Background

The "Words of Pain" will be written over the top of these images. The Translucent page with the artists' work will come out of the centre of the image. Because the page is translucent you will be able to read the "Words of Pain" through the image. 



These are definitely not "nice" images; but I believe they accurately describe the emotional, physical and spiritual pain people experience while suffering from Mental Health issues. Luckily, following each Pain page will be the "Selah" where we get to pause, breathe and re-align ourselves with Hope!

We are aiming to have all the design work finished by the end of November so the book can go to print early December. This will mean we will hopefully have copies ready for distribution by the end of January 2015! All this is dependent on how much money comes in; so please visit the "Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope" tab and pre-order or donate!

Thanks for your support!