Book Release Update!

Hi Friends - good news! I am holding in my hot little hand one of the first copies of "Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope" ever printed! It looks AMAZING! I have printed six advance copies off to display this weekend at both Cloud Festival (in Albany, NZ) and Festival One (at Mystery Creek, NZ). I'll also send the others around the country (and the world) to others who are interested in the project. The idea is to generate pre-sales and donations so I can afford to do a proper print run! If you would like to secure your copy, please click on the Buy Now or Donate buttons on the Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope tab on this website. Alternatively, you can use the bank account details on that same link to buy a book or donate to the project. Books cost $30 NZD including postage. If you are buying from overseas, please include some extra money for international post.

I can't wait for you to hold a book in your hands too!

Lexi x