Hope for Christmas

This is my good friend Grace displaying her copy of Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope. Thanks Grace for all your support and a particularly delicious lunch date!  

How did it suddenly get to be almost Christmas?? Things just seem to be getting more and more stressful and busy! I was talking to an American friend of mine the other day; she was telling me how much she was noticing the pace of our NZ December. In the States, they've had Independence day and they've celebrated Thanksgiving. Things are slowing down and people are relaxed and thinking about Christmas. In New Zealand we seem to do this manic "just survive till the 25th December" routine. We have the end of work, the end of school, Christmas presents to buy; everything's got to be done by Christmas. Then we can collapse and relax for a bit - hopefully! Not only is Christmas busy for people; for many it can be a time of anxiety, sadness and grief. It is a time where loss is more keenly felt; and the temptation to fall into unhealthy patterns of thought and behaviour is strong.

So I'm sitting here, on this Sunday afternoon; and I'm taking the chance to have a 'Selah'. To pause, breathe, reflect and just be still for a bit!

It's difficult!

I have to consciously slow down my mind. I have to put aside the million and one things I 'should' be doing.  But when I do that......pause.......breathe.......it's good. I get to notice all that's happening around me. I get to listen - really listen to my son when he's telling me about a Christmas show he's just been to. I get to sit and be thankful for a bit. I've got a lot to be thankful for!

Let me tell you a bit about the Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope book project: So far, I haven't had a lot of time or energy to put into promoting the book. To be honest, the idea of self-promotion is a wee bit daunting to me! Despite my lousy efforts though - it's selling! Hardly a day goes by without me getting an email or a call from someone wanting a book. Often it'll be someone who's already brought a book and now wants to buy some more for family and friends. I was talking to a friend today who was reading it last night. She said she got to page 16 when her daughter pinched it off her and started reading too. Apparently it made a huge impact on them both and they had a great discussion for the rest of the evening. Now she wants four more to send to family around the world!

I'm so thankful for everyone who has taken up the vision for me and are promoting the book on my behalf! Mum and Dad, Nan and Pop, Janet and Ray, Grace, Andrea, Bev and so many others! Already I'm amazed at just how much bigger than me this thing is getting!

Here's some of the comments I've received so far:

".....Lexi it's astoundingly brilliant. Breaking lies and bringing truth. Every household should have one..."

"...I've just finished reading your amazing, beautifully written book. You should be incredibly proud of what you have created..."

"........we received your book and it is fabulous, so moving and profound.Thank you for all the work you put into producing a resource which I know will be significant and healing for many people."

Stunning eh? Honestly, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the feedback from everyone. So THANK YOU!

So if you have someone you know that needs a little hope this Christmas - or if you need some yourself - might I suggest a little book I know of? :-) Even if the only words you remember from reading it are "...Pause....Breathe....." and it reminds to slow down and smell the roses for a bit, then it's done it's job!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Lexi x

P.S. For purchasing information you can visit the Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope webpage. Scroll to the bottom for bank details. If you'd like to pay online with a Credit Card, you can visit: http://www.agirlcalledhope.org.nz/index.php/resources/online-store