New Book Layout!

Hi all! I'm so excited to announce that 'hot off the press' is the new book layout for Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope. Following feedback from people that had viewed the previous version, the common consensus is that the book was a bit dark. So the tricky process has been balancing getting the book to look "lighter" and "more hopeful" whilst still acknowledging the pain. We didn't want to take it too far and make it fluffy! So, after a bit of work we have an updated version of the book that I think looks stunning! Here's the new front cover:

The book has a completely different feel. Here's a comment from one of the first people to hold the demo copy of the new layout:

"I loved seeing the finished book. Now, several days later I can report that the "Pause and Breathe" pages are my lasting memory. Not that I have forgotten the rest - not at all - more that the repetitive nature of the words is the dominant feature; which I would say is a result! I am finding that those pages are popping into my mind at random times. The beauty of nature and the sunshine and the 'pause and breathe' all most-definitely inspire hope and change. The blackness falls away into the background and the light shines!"

Brilliant eh? I'm so thrilled that the book is already impacting people's lives - and it's not even printed yet! Speaking of getting the book printed, this is still the biggest obstacle we have yet to overcome! Getting the book designed (and then designed again) has pretty much depleted all my financial resources. If you have any ideas or contacts that could help me get the book printed I'd love to hear!

Once again, thanks so much for all your support! I can't wait for the day I can hand you an actual, properly printed copy of the book. It's not far off!

Lexi x